Almost Spring

Snowdrops!! Every February we anxiously await these little slips of green and white. February is an in-between time. The days are still short and cold, but the smell of earth and the angle of the sun remind me of what is to come. My mind starts dreaming of spring projects and plans for the coming season. My body is still slow and chilly, wanting to stay tucked inside by the fire. Plans this month are always tentative, with late winter storms bringing snow and ice, or melting rains and swift floods. 

So, Ive come to expect the unexpected in February, and go easy on myself. Slowly finishing the plans of winter. Excitedly looking forward. These little flowers tell me " its time, its time" to let the spring planning begin.

I found a tiny snowdrop, 

A-blooming in the cold, 

I'll share with you a secret

the little flower told.

Though winter still is here

He hasn't long to stay, 

I came across to tell you, 

That spring is on its way. 

          - Christina T. Owen