How I serve caregiver, empaths, teachers, and healers

I am not overly comfortable with labels, so instead of telling you what I am, I would like to tell you what I do. I provide a secure space, I listen deeply with intuition and experience, and I use powerful questions to illuminate your own answers. Sometimes I illuminate the light, sometimes the dark. This is how I serve caregivers, empaths, teachers, and healers.  

If you are a caregiver, empath, teacher or healer, you know the weight you carry to fulfill your calling. In a world of conflict, it is our role to protect, embolden, translate, guide and aid those in our community. There is little time for rest, and yet we know rest is required to continue the work ahead. My role is to provide a space for this inner work. As caregivers, empaths, teachers, and healers we value connection and sharing of energy. It is often lonely ( even painful) to self-care and engage in our spiritual practices alone. We gather strength from the concern of others, and so we need this concern in order to grow ourselves. We need the concern and connection of others to dive deeper into the depths of our own practice. 

Caregivers, empaths, teachers, and healers need a place where they can be free of concern for the feelings of others and also look at the parts of themselves which they seek to grow. Caregivers, empaths, teachers, and healers are not perfect and sometimes we cannot unpack that less ideal self in front of those who need us to be strong, wise, and loving. There needs to be a place for the caregiver to be cared for, the empath’s feelings to be their own, the teacher to expand for their own sake, and the healer to soothe their own wounds. I hold this space. 

The further you walk down the path of enlightenment the more clear it becomes that you are the only guide, that does not mean you need to walk alone. For caregivers, empaths, teachers, and healers: Connection is required, being seen and heard are required, sharing and being witnessed are required. These are deep guiding values we hold for ourselves as we navigate the world and it is important they be reflected back to us. Especially, when we need to do our own deeper work. Especially when we need a place of non-judgment to investigate our impulses or emotional barriers. 

I hold space for expansion. I listen, illuminate, reflect, and witness your inner work. What kind of support do you need to explore more deeply?

In your service,