Wellness Coaching

Health and Wellness Coaching is a partnership between coaches and clients seeking self-directed, lasting change. Health and wellness coaches use powerful questions, motivational interviewing and wellness self-assements to help clients align with their inherent values which clients then use to make conscious lifestyle changes.  Using compassion and their understanding of evidence-based behavior change theory, health and wellness coaches help clients to recognize their desired life direction, and how to maintain that path as a lifestyle.


What's the Story here

Over the years, I've been a preschool teacher and a yoga teacher, and though families come to me for those services, most choose to come for support on this parenting journey. Families come with all sorts of backgrounds and unique stories and I hear the same refrain from their hearts: I thought this was supposed to be fun; I want this to be fun; Am I doing this right; I feel guilty; I'm afraid; I just need a moment to myself; I don't want to yell; How can I stay on track and get everything done; I'm missing something; I feel alone.

We live in a time very different from the immediate past and changing fast. Most of us have an idea of what we want for our families, and little experience for bringing that vision to fruition. Illuminating that vision is how I have been supporting women through coaching. As a coach, I ask the deep and powerful questions that unlock the answers in your heart. I help you clarify your personal values and decide what is most important for you. Very importantly, I also help identify ways to maintain that focus as you navigate the busy everyday. I am committed to helping women navigate above questions for themselves because I know families at ease lead the way to peace.

There is no judgement here; I want to hear what keeps you up at night. 



How can Wellness coaching help

My experience and education are especially suited for:

Establishing Household Balance and Routine

Understanding and Accepting Dietary Changes

Processing the Experience of Pregnancy and New Motherhood

Stress and Anxiety in Parenting

Caregiver Strain


Communicating with compassion

Back to work or staying home after baby transitions

Establishing better sleep habits and routines

Accepting lifestyle changes after a health care diagnoisis 

Recovery from Illness or Injury

Compassionate Discipline

Mindfulness Practices


Adjustment to Major Life Transitions ( birth, death, new jobs, major moves, divorce and marriage)

Pregnancy Loss 

Work/Life balance

Cultivating Rest and Leisure 


Maybe . . .

I've never done anything like this before and I'm not sure this is what I need.

That's okay! I offer a free discovery sessions. Let's talk and see if we would be good fit for each other. 

One of my favorite and most meaningful turning points in our marriage was at one of Sherene’s first workshops. I had convinced my sensitive, but ever guarded husband to attend a mindfulness workshop and 20 minutes before leaving for the workshop we got into a huge argument. The argument ended leaving us both in horrible moods, I was upset and disturbed from the argument and my husband was anxious about the workshop. When we got to the workshop we were offered coffee and a nice pillow to sit on. The air smelled nice, candles were lit and the light was dimmed. It was finally peaceful. Sherene first walked us through a session of Nidra Yoga (which my husband and I have continued since the session) and then began a lesson in which we began to discover our core values. I felt alive as though I had rediscovered who I was. Being an adult and a parent you begin to forget your true self, but now I was remembering who I was, and who my husband was. We talked about that workshop for weeks and still use techniques from the workshop to enhance our lives together and apart. Now when I’m in a stressful situation I am better able to remain calm and assess the situation. I can think and not just react. My husband and I still get into arguments on occasion, and I still get stressed out and upset, but my ability to control how I will react to a situation is changing for the better. I am more confident, I am happier, I am myself again.

I highly recommend Sherene because she is so deeply engaged in her work and the lives of those who come to her for support.- B., mother of two