Seasonal Offering

Each season offers us a special opportunity to unite ourselves and our growth with the themes of nature. Using the cycles of the earth as the grounding point for our practice helps us to remain constant in practice but also to change and grow. We can see ourselves represented in the natural rhythms of the earth and we can remember there is a time for everything, and not everything can happen at the same time.


Physical Practice (body)

A physical mind-body practice is about connection between the body, mind, and heart. Each of us has our own expression of optimal health. A physical practice helps support optimal health so that we can move with as much easy, comfort, and enjoyment as is possible. The physical practice offerings through S.H.I.N.E. will never ask you to reach or maintain a specific goal. The physical practice will be an invitation to explore your expression of optimal physical health and make your own assessments and connections about what you learn in practice.

Meditation Practice ( mind)

Meditation offers an opportunity to connect our unique selves with the whole. We are all one AND we are all unique and special. Your unique heart, voice, and experiences are part of the universal fabric. Learning to exist as a drop of rain and the ocean, this is the work of meditation. This is why we sit and why we practice.



Heart Practice ( spirit)

As we move through mind and body practices we start to uncover and expand our hearts. Walking around with an open heart ( towards ourselves and others) also takes practice. It is not something you accomplish and then are done. Open-heartedness require constant attention and preparation. It is work, but not nearly as much work as when we leave it undone. After years of mind and body practices, these heart practices are the ones that still surprise me with new information and growth.