2:00 pm14:00

WORKSHOP: Suburban Simplicity

Living in the Suburbs has it's own blessings and challenges. This two-hour workshop addresses how we can lead a simple existence in community with one another. There are emotional, neurological, and physical health benefits to living a life of simplicity. What that life looks like can change from person to person and family to family. Let us come together and honor what each of us has to bring to our suburban culture.

This class will include guided meditation, self-assessment exercises, discussion and take-home practices. 


2:00 pm14:00

Workshop: Unearthing Our Deepest Values

Our values fuel our choices and color every aspect of our lives. Understanding our deepest values can help us communicate more effectively. Spend the afternoon clarifying your personal values and how they influence your life. Learn how to identify your highest values and use this knowledge to deepen your relationship with yourself, loved ones, your community, and the world. 

This workshop will include guided meditation, self- assessment, discussion and take home practices. A list of resources and references for further study will also be provided. 


5:30 am05:30


Closed for all preschool, full day and part day families.

7:30 am07:30

Saturday Morning Yoga

Weekly. All levels. There is no fee for class but donations are accepted for various charities. Please email for information and location.