Membership Benefits


Transformation takes time…

Transformation takes time. Transformation requires space. And therapies, books, teachers, coaches, healers all cost money. When I came to yoga teaching, I was already a young mother. I didn’t have space or time or money, but I wanted to do this work for myself and my family. I realized that householders were really in need of everyday life practices to bring balance and meaning to life, but they were unlikely sign up for workshops and classes for the very reasons they needed them. They had little time, little space, and often didn’t feel they could afford the investment.

I spent the last decade looking for ways to support wellness in modern life. We don’t need to step away from our lives to become more aware and more enlightened, we need to get deeper into ourselves. We need to connect deeper, look deeper, move around inside our lives. We need everyday practices that are relevant to life, here and now. We need nourishment and inspiration.

From years of serving women and maintaining my own practice, I offer this solution. In exchange for your membership, I will share my experience, education and practice. I will be the light in the dark. I have, and will continue, to go deeper myself and tell you what to expect. I will be the guide.

Each season you will receive a carefully chosen and developed wellness practice for the mind, body and spirit. It will come on the 1st of the month the seasons change (Sept, Dec, March, June). This allows us time to prepare for the change of seasons and make plans for creative projects, recipes, and personal traditions. Online seasonal workshops will accompany the wellness practice. The themes from each seasonal offering will foster monthly conferences for further discussion.