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October 5th 8:30am-11:30am

Community Ecology Institute’s Community Ecology Center

8000 Harriet Tubman Lane, Columbia, MD 20144

Community Ecology Institutes’ mission is to help create socially and ecologically healthy communities by fostering meaningful connections between people and the natural environment. 

CEI recently purchased a 6.4 acre organic farm in Columbia to create a Community Ecology Center where people can learn from direct experiences about how to lead happier, healthier, more connected and sustainable lives. 

Sherene, of The Nurtured Life, and Chiara, of The Community Ecology Institute, invite you tender-hearted social-changers, magic-makers, parents, teachers, and community members to be TENDED with a morning of love and care.

Join us at the farm, where the space will be held for you to relax and rejoice in the spirit that inspires your work and efforts to make this world a better place. Let us hold your concerns for the planet, politics, and social justice while you ease your parasympathetic nervous system into a natural state of rest and digest.

During our time together we will share a little mindful-movement, some guided deep relaxation, tools to maintain balance in everyday life, and practice receiving love and care.

Registration is required for this event as space is limited and we will begin holding energetic space for you beforehand.

TENDED is an offering of our energy and work to the community. In reciprocity, we would appreciate your donations. Money is energy frozen in paper form, this allows for energy to be preserved to use at a later time or share with others. Our work involves a great expenditure of energy. We have created a sliding scale of suggested donations because we want to be sure everyone who needs tending receives that care without hardship. Community care is required for healing. Please take time to consider your own circumstances and decide what is best for you to share.

You will be asked upon registration if you require a parking space. Parking for this event is limited and carpooling is encouraged.

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