Summary of the AAP Policy Statement: Food Additives and Child Health

finalAAP Policy Statement Poster-2.png

Above is a summary of the AAP policy statement about food additives. The link will lead you to the full statement. The infographic describes some of the key points parents need to know about why the AAP is making this statement and how indirect additives ( food packaging) can affect child health. Food additives and plastics are a pervasive issue and it is not possible to address all of our concerns at one time. I've created this self-assessment to help highlight where you can reduce plastic exposure in your life regardless of where you are on the plastic-free journey. 

The reduction of plastics and indirect food additives will be a community effort. We can all do our part by making small changes and developing more awareness. Together, we can effect change for our children and grandchildren. Remember, together our small choices add up. WE can make them add up to a healthier future for the next generation. You matter. You make a difference. With intention and cooperation, we can do this. Women make the majority of household purchases which means, when we change our minds we change the world. 

With Love,