Feminine Leadership

Feminine is not the opposite of masculine. Feminine is one half of the partnership that exists with in each of us, our relationships, culture, and nature. Masculine is the other half. Together, they make a balanced whole. Without feminine leadership, there can be no masculine leadership either. Instead, we have immature and false versions of each.

Within each of us is a unique balance of masculine and feminine, and unique combinations of traits and skills. I am about as masculine as a mama bear. She has all the traits below and is also fiercely protective, almost supernaturally strong, and unwaveringly goal oriented. The balance of masculine and feminine is not male and female, or either-or. It is about partnership, within ourselves and each other. Feminine leadership is really simple, it is about the collective whole and meeting the needs of everyone involved. This is a sticky and difficult task and requires creativity and constant re-evaluation. We need people with feminine skills to contribute to leadership and business, because this creates balance with masculine skills within our community. It also allows masculine and feminine skills ( and people) to thrive, each supporting one another.

Feminine Leadership/business:

Cooperative- Both the business and the customer/client get a balanced benefits from the transaction

Authentic- Makes honest offers based on the businesses abilities and desires and boundaries

Transparent- Shares values, Ideas, and concepts with the customers/clients

Comfortable with vulnerability - both our own and others, the courage to take risks

Concerned with the big and small picture- How does this business fit into the greater whole, how does it effect the lives of employees, clients, the environment, and the community.

Beginners mind- We take all our experience and knowledge and then put it in our pocket so we can look at each situation with fresh perspective. Always learning, it’s okay to admit mistakes or not have all the answers. Instead of being finished humans we accept that we and our businesses are always growing and changing- so we are always trying to do our best. We realize sometimes the best gets better when we aren’t experts and can keep learning.

Curious- Curiosity is the search for knowledge based in love. Within a feminine business model curiosity works with beginners mind to follow ideas, concepts, and emotions down to the root beginning and the into the magnificent future possibilities.

Creative- Trust that problems have solutions and that we are capable of using our combination of human talents to find those solutions. Creativity is limitless and non-judgmental and non-attached.

Loving- Feminine businesses are born from the desire to be of service. They are an expression of talent and abilities to be shared with the world. The business needs to be of service to its clients/customers AND to those who are the business members ( owners, employees, partners). This love for both the clients and the operators is what makes it possible to hold all the above traits together. The clients and the operators are one when they interact together as the business.

These aspects are not limited to feminine leadership or feminine people. They are the values and benefits of strengthening the feminine in relation to leadership and business.