The surest way to improve the future is to love a child. The future is supported one child at a time. Children grow up in a short 20 years; and in that time can change the world. The Nurtured Life Early Childhood Program holds the space for childhood and holistic development with a focus on rhythm, community, personal responsibility, stewardship, empathy and concern. Each child longs to know their place in the world and that they are received as they are, recognized and loved. Home is the first place they find this comfort, but they need a safe place to explore how to meet the needs of themselves and others. Learning to work as a whole, find cheer and joy in the everyday, experience the place  we are in the world and learning how their world works: that is the work of young children.

5 full day program

3 full day program, M-W

3 half day program, M-W

Currently full for summer and the 2016-2017 school year. 

State of Maryland, Department of Education Childcare registration #152848


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