I honor the light within you, and the light within each of your children. Those who have come, but cannot be with us today; those who climb our laps and backs all day; and those who are still coming. Blessings on you and your children. Namaste.

WORKSHOP: Suburban Simplicity 8/20 2-4pm

Living in the Suburbs has it's own blessings and challenges. This two-hour workshop addresses how we can lead a simple existence in community with one another. There are emotional, neurological, and physical health benefits to living a life of simplicity. What that life looks like can change from person to person and family to family. Let us come together and honor what each of us has to bring to our suburban culture.

This class will include guided meditation, self-assessment exercises, discussion and take-home practices. REGISTER

Personal Practice Yoga and Mindfulness : 

Life is a practice, and there will always be something new to learn. Sometimes we are aware that we need more guidance when we attempt to try something new, like developing a new relationship with food. Other times, we just know something doesn't feel right, like when we find ourselves feeling stressed. Either way, wellness practices can help us remain on the path we have chosen and shine to our fullest. 

Both yoga and mindfulness practices have been proven to improve health, increase contentment, and improve mental clarity. Making simple adjustments to our daily routine, and adding practices to make us more aware- can lead us to wellness. A specialized yoga and mindfulness practice can work in support of Western Medicine, help counter daily stress, or act as an anchor during life transitions.

Study Plan may include: breath work, asana practice, guided meditation, journaling, adjustments to daily routine, reading, and holistic nutrition. 


Introductory Meeting (1.5hrs) and plan design- $150

1 session: $110

4  session package: at intervals to best serve the plan design, regular email and phone support between sessions. - $400


Pre-Pregnancy, Pregnancy, Labor and/or Postpartum practice: Support and practices to approach motherhood with mindfulness, intuition and natural body practices. Asana, meditation, reading and study for the various stages on the path of motherhood. Practice and meeting times can be flexible to meet the needs of the mother. Fees are variable, please inquire


Phone and video sessions available outside of Howard County MD.