THe Nurtured LIfe

Sherene Cauley established The Nurtured Life as a way of integrating her mindfulness practices with the everyday. We need to tend those things we value most in life, and to tend them we need to know them. We can't pull away from the everyday to find our center, to find the answers, or to find happiness. We must throw ourselves into the whole big mess and nurture the parts that we want to blossom. To drown out the darkness, nurture the light. 

Sherene has been a parent for 13 years and providing childcare to children of all ages since 2004. She received her 200h yoga teacher training certificate in 2009 and followed shortly with a specialization in pregnancy yoga. Her personal practice, child care, early education program and yoga classes have always focused specifically on support of the parent, and the parent-child relationship. She has spent the last decade studying practices that support family in modern life.